September 20, 2016

Down the Clojure rabbit hole

...let me just check my phone before I read that textbook

My wife mentioned she might like to setup a static site generator blog after she finishes here course.

I have neglected my post-Wordpress blogging goal as well. I wanted us to switch to something we can handle with text files and git but I could not decide the last time I looked. There are plenty of good options. What language would be most educational? Python? Ruby? Go?..... Maybe just roll my own with Emacs Org-mode?

But my priority mainstream language to learn has become Clojure, and since I already had Leiningen installed, this Cryogen turned out to be the simplest website building tool I have ever seen.

lein new cryogen my-blog
cd my-blog
lein ring server

Then, I just made a ""GitHub Pages"" repository with my username and pushed my /public directory to it


Thanks to the 28 Cryogen contributors :)

Tags: clojure